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Get Better Franchise Marketing Through Data

Automotive marketers today are mastering their digital marketing efforts and coordinating efforts across a specialized franchisor-franchisee relationship. The franchisor (OEM) and the franchisee (dealer) send brand messages that harness the power of data to reach the right audience on the right channel with the right message at the right time. But it wasn’t always that way. In the heyday of traditional media, most marketers relied heavily on the “spray and pray” marketing method to get one message seen by as many prospective customers as possible. Back then, it worked, especially for automotive marketers. A limited number of channels existed, so OEM and dealership marketers could reasonably assume one message on a specific channel—such as print, radio, or TV—would create profitable impressions on a well-defined audience. Two things happened in the 2000s that would forever change the face of automotive marketing. First, internet use and access for consumers exploded. Second, the Great Recession knocked down car sales—and knocked out some 4,000 dealerships. The dealers who survived the recession also learned to adapt their marketing so they can thrive in the digital […]

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IMN Shares Insights From Inspiring #IFA2015

Recently, IMN attended the International Franchise Association’s 2015 Convention (Feb. 15-18). The convention represented hundreds of franchises from around the world. IMN’s mission at #IFA2015? To connect with franchisors and discuss technologies and strategies to help them better connect with consumers. Mark Born, sales manager for IMN’s Banking, Financial Services, and Franchise solutions, noted franchisors have similar concerns with their digital marketing efforts as their counterparts in the automotive industry might: “Digital marketing—and the results it can drive—is at the forefront of minds in the franchise industry. It’s becoming more and more apparent that a ‘spray and pray’ approach to digital marketing is no longer effective. Many franchisors now are looking to content marketing as a solution for personalized, segmented digital marketing that drives profitable customer action.” Want to know more about the IFA convention? Check out IMN’s news release. Sneak Peek: New Blog Series for Franchises In light of Mark’s discovery, we want to dedicate our next blog series to you, dear franchisors and franchisees. One of IMN’s strengths as a company is how we apply our knowledge of […]

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2014 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

Take IMN's 2015 Content Marketing Survey

If your company is using content marketing – or thinking about it – you might wonder what other companies are doing and whether they’re succeeding. We have the answers. Again, this year, IMN surveyed companies large and small across a variety of industries… automotive, insurance, banking and financial services, direct selling, and franchise… to learn what’s working and not working for today’s content marketers. To see the highlights of the key findings from the Third Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey, check out our infographic below! Click here to download the full report.

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What the Gmail Tabbed Inbox Means to Email Marketers

Hint: It’s not as bad as you think Last year, Gmail moved all of its email customers to a new tabbed inbox design. It’s broken into three distinct inbox tabs (Primary, Social, Promotion) as a means of clearing the inbox deck. It’s great for Gmail users, but maybe not so hot for marketers, who are seeing their messages moved to what looks like a slightly less ignominious version of the Spam box. Here’s what the tabbed inbox means for marketers and how to help ensure your messages get read: Since the rollout of the tabbed inbox, some interesting observations have been made. First of all, according to Return Path (which provides business intelligence for marketers), one in five people customize their Gmail settings to make sure promotional emails are going directly to their inbox. That’s a huge win for anyone sending emails the way marketers do. That means people are interested in getting your messages and offers, even when Gmail thinks they aren’t. Return Path also found that only 0.12 percent of messages in the Promotions tab triggered a “This […]

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