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Success Story: Are You Fostering a Strong Relationship With Your Bank Customers?

HomeTown Bank

As the scope and ease of digital banking grows, it’s important for banks to foster a relationship with their customers. Effectively communicating with and educating your customers is critical to providing a great experience that helps them make smart financial decisions and continue using your services.

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Balancing the “Hard Sell” and the “Soft Sell”

Whether your business is banking and financial services, direct selling, or franchising, having a content strategy in place that provides a mix of engaging articles and customer-specific promotions is key to your marketing efforts. This is the difference between the hard sell and the soft sell: the first is driven by a desire for concrete ROI metrics while the second focuses on building the relationship between customer and brand.

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Need blog help?

It happens to even the most accomplished authors. Writer’s block. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get your out of the rut. We found a post from The Social M’s to help spark the creative process. Read Tools and Tips on How to Write the Perfect Blog Post to forge a path to creativity.

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