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4 R’s of Email Marketing for Direct Selling

Writing your own email newsletter? Follow the tips in our series to make your newsletter work even better.

Despite the popularity of social networking sites, email remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to for direct sellers to build relationships with clients and generate more sales. After all, when was the last time you met someone who doesn’t have an email address? Here are four things to remember about using email to grow your business: Reception: Consumers are open to receiving email communications from companies. In fact, more than 70 percent of consumers prefer businesses contact them by email, according to MarketingSherpa. Relationships: Email newsletters help consultants easily stay in touch with their customer base. Personalized newsletters that contain targeted articles and product offers also can help make customers feel valued and appreciated. This can help consultants foster brand loyalty and build referrals. Relevancy: Reports from your email newsletter provider allow you to know who opened your email newsletter and what they read. Use that information as conversation starters with customers about their lifestyle and the products that appeal to them. You also can send follow-up emails with incentives to buy specific products of interest. Revenue: […]

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5 Tactics for Better Holiday Campaigns

Do you start your Christmas shopping in July? If you’re anything like the average shopper, you are at least making lists and browsing, even if you’re not quite ready to buy. As reported by Ad Week, a Facebook IQ study from August 2015 noted that about half of respondents would shop in December. But, 49 percent said they planned to do most of their shopping before Black Friday, and 12 percent planned to be done before October. That means, when holiday sales can often make or break a retailer’s year, it’s never too early to shore up your current marketing campaigns and begin planning your holiday messages. Here are 5 tactics for better marketing campaigns: Know what’s hot – and align with it. You may not have the hottest new product for the season, but you might have something that relates to it. This tactic works no matter what time of year. Build your campaign around that related item to help attract customers to your products. Use contests to inspire action. Social media promotions, paid ads, and website banners can […]

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Recap: #DSChange with Michelle Larter

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for the #DSChange Twitter Q&A with Michelle Larter, IMN’s Worldwide Sales Director for direct selling solutions. Whether you tweeted, favorited, or simply followed along, we appreciate the chance we had to engage with you and better understand your perspective on direct selling. Some popular topics from yesterday are summarized below:   Does the industry really make any money? It’s true that some U.S. direct selling market sectors have seen sales growth decline or stabilize over the past few years. However, the wellness and services sectors both saw remarkable sales growth last year. The wellness sector increased sales to 28.5% of the market and the services sector increased sales to 22.9%. The Direct Selling Association estimates the wellness sector will reach $18 billion in sales by 2018.   What’s the best communication tool to use?           Consumers ages 18-44 check email on their smartphone more than any other activity or app, so it makes sense marketers want to use email to reach them. IMN case studies have shown that […]

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