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Employee Engagement Is the Cure to Turnover in the Financial Industry

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Dedicated employees are the secret to delighted customers in the financial services industry. After all, employees who are satisfied with their work and believe in their organization’s mission are more likely to provide a quality experience and seek creative solutions to customers’ problems.

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High Expectations: How Banking Marketers can Meet the Demand for Quality Content

In just over a week, industry professionals from across the spectrum will descend on the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans for the American Bankers Association® (ABA) Bank Marketing Conference. According to the conference website, two of the primary topics set to be discussed are the unique demands of the contemporary customer and the importance of executing a compelling content strategy. It might be an understatement to say that, in today’s service-and-experience-centric landscape, expectations in both of these areas are high. When it comes to high expectations, marketers in the banking industry – be it an independent, regional bank or a community bank, large or small – are old hands. You have to devise marketing strategies assuring customers the bank is there to meet a wide variety of needs: for personal and business loans, mortgages, savings, checking plans, and more. It’s critical that the content of those marketing efforts both engages customers and passes regulatory and compliance standards. How do you pull it off? There’s more than one way to peel an orange, and hard-working marketers have found ways to build […]

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Let Us Handle It

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Never let it be said that marketing in the financial industry is a simple business. Banking marketers face a great deal of pressure from all sides: your content has to pass regulatory and compliance standards that are some of the strictest around, and your customers expect you to be engaged to help them meet their own goals. With that said, we here at IMN are consistently impressed by one simple fact: you know what marketing practices you need to put into effect to deliver useful, relevant content month in and month out. You get it. We see that you get it. Banking marketers know the value of offering informative content addressing financial topics and presenting a consistent, reliable brand image. But, there’s still a problem. You’re very, very busy. One of the pressures I alluded to earlier is this simple reality: on a typical day, banking marketers are getting pulled in approximately a hundred different directions at any given moment. You may know what needs to be done to craft a profitable marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you have […]

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Shake It Up! Marketing Innovatively in the Banking Industry

In the banking industry, innovation may not be the first word to come to a marketer’s mind when looking at how to approach a customer – not because marketers in the banking industry aren’t creative, but because they face unique, daily pressures in the form of compliance rules and regulations that dictate their approach. Even so, it is possible to shake up your methods and inject a little life and innovation into your marketing efforts! One of the most effective and dynamic ways to target customers while still meeting compliance standards is with a branded email newsletter. The key, of course, is not blasting out some generic corporate messaging at a long list of email addresses – that just creates white noise and clutters customer inboxes. Instead, try professionally written, customizable content that delivers innovative marketing on a consistent basis, is easy to manage, and is valued by your customers. That’s what IMN’s Loyalty Driver® for Banking delivers. Loyalty Driver for Banking Loyalty Driver from IMN offers fresh, informative email newsletter content addressing financial topics relevant to your small business […]

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