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Anatomy of a Subject Line That Sticks (or Stinks)

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Think about the emails your organization sends to subscribers, customers, and prospects. Do your subject lines pass your own glance test? How can you improve your subject lines to better draw in your target audiences?

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Know Your Account Manager– Cait C.

We work hard to provide our clients with the best possible email newsletter product to keep their customers informed and engaged. No one works harder than our Account Services team members who work each day to provide unsurpassed customer service to their assigned accounts. Over the years we’ve heard glowing reviews of their hard work and dedication, and this blog series is helping us put an additional spotlight on our greatest asset. This week we highlight Cait C. who has been with IMN for 4 years. Cait has spent her career working in online technology and marketing after graduating from University of Vermont with a degree in English and Studio Art. When asked about her favorite part of her job, Cait replied she enjoyed the unpredictable aspects of her work. Coming in to work each morning not knowing exactly what her day will look like gives her a challenge and keeps her work exciting. Of IMN she says, “IMN was the foot in the door I was looking for. I like the culture and the ability to learn about the […]

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2014 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

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If your company is using content marketing – or thinking about it – you might wonder what other companies are doing and whether they’re succeeding. We have the answers. Again, this year, IMN surveyed companies large and small across a variety of industries… automotive, insurance, banking and financial services, direct selling, and franchise… to learn what’s working and not working for today’s content marketers. To see the highlights of the key findings from the Third Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey, check out our infographic below! Click here to download the full report.

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What the Gmail Tabbed Inbox Means to Email Marketers

Hint: It’s not as bad as you think Last year, Gmail moved all of its email customers to a new tabbed inbox design. It’s broken into three distinct inbox tabs (Primary, Social, Promotion) as a means of clearing the inbox deck. It’s great for Gmail users, but maybe not so hot for marketers, who are seeing their messages moved to what looks like a slightly less ignominious version of the Spam box. Here’s what the tabbed inbox means for marketers and how to help ensure your messages get read: Since the rollout of the tabbed inbox, some interesting observations have been made. First of all, according to Return Path (which provides business intelligence for marketers), one in five people customize their Gmail settings to make sure promotional emails are going directly to their inbox. That’s a huge win for anyone sending emails the way marketers do. That means people are interested in getting your messages and offers, even when Gmail thinks they aren’t. Return Path also found that only 0.12 percent of messages in the Promotions tab triggered a “This […]

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